How Can I Help?

To achieve maximum value for your investment it is important for each person concentrate their efforts to an area in which they excel. Below is a selection of services that allow me to deliver my best work.

One Hour Strategy Call

A great place to start. We will engage in a 60-minute call to focus on your idea, determine it's value to your business and start discussing strategy. This call is meant to set you on a path to successful production and will most often be followed by a in-depth project planning session.

1 Hour phone based Strategy Session. $250 Book Now

Reasons You Might Work With Me

Project Management

If you're concerned that you may not have the time or knowledge to properly manage your company's web development project, I can help.

By working with you throughout the project, ensuring success, you will remain free to focus on the bigger picture.

Project Management starts at $2500/wk

Before I spoke with Jeremy, I got a quote for my idea that was nearly $150,000. I hired Jeremy to help interview developers and manage the project. He helped organize my ideas in a way that let developers know I had thought through all the details. He paid for himself in week. The next two bids we got saved me 33%.

Eric - Founder of yet to be disclosed app

WordPress Plugin Development

Are you having trouble locating that perfect plugin? Even worse are you concerned that your business may come to rely on a plugin only to find it abandoned a year down the road?

I can work with your business to develop and maintain a custom solution - no more fighting to make it work, no more worries that you'll be left looking for a replacement.

In addition to the many development hats we’ve called on Jeremy to wear the last several months, we recently ran into a situation on our Wordpress multisite in which we needed to be able to process Gift Cards from Heartland Payment Systems in pretty customized way. We asked Jeremy if he’d be able to build us a plugin that would allow for the processing of these gift cards using Heartlands API—no small task. Not only was his estimate reasonable, but the fully-tested, final result came in a full week early and about 30% under budget! Wow!

Matt Gerber - Director or Marketing & Creative Design | Board & Brush Creative Studios

Pricing based on scope.


When it comes to development you are likely less concerned about code and more concerned about results. I specialize in small, business critical web applications and complex WordPress development tasks that are business critical and results driven.

Pricing based on scope.

Jeremy Vossman is more than a talented developer; he's a trusted partner and advisor for every project. He has a wealth of experience and a variety of skills that every business will benefit from. I highly recommend him.

James Dalman - Happy Joe, Inc.

Retainer Based Engagements

If your business is somewhere between hiring a full-time developer and requiring a contractor for a one-off project then a retainer based engagement may work best for you. At the end of each month we will map out the month ahead to be sure you are maximizing development spend and hitting project goals.

Packages start at $3000/mo
Given the demanding nature of retainers I will only be booking on new client in Q1 2017.

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