July 8, 2008

Working with the Fresh News Theme

I was recently contacted by Tabitha of Organic4Baby.com regarding a new project she was about to launch called OrganicInStyle.com. She was very seriously considering purchasing one of the Premium News Themes but was envisioning some tweaks to the theme and wanted to know if they could be done and whether or not I could take on the project. I of course jumped at the chance to work with one of the Premium News Themes and was pretty certain that everything she was requesting could certainly be added to the existing functionality of here chosen theme. So we went over the details, she zipped over the theme and I dove in to figure it all out. Let me say that I was pleasantly surprised and can now say first hand that these “Premium Themes” are worth every dollar spent and then some, so let me take a minute here to give credit to Magnus and Adii. Great work guys!

What we have done so far is work to get everything up and running, categories, pages sidebar functions etc. From there we added an RSS feed to the sidebar so that she was able to pull in articles from Organic4Baby and increase cross site traffic. We also added certain links to be called based an category to again promote cross-linking between her ongoing projects. Finally we dropped in some extra php in order to allow her to display some categories as traditional blog pages and others using the Fresh News Style. All in all it has been a fun project to work with but there is more on the horizon as Tabitha wants to add a more customized look and feel to the existing theme. I’m excited to see what we come up with but for now it is in her hands as she continues to build some amazing content and some even more amazing photos.

So whether you are an organic enthusiast or just looking for a bit of good reading I highly recommend checking out her growing number of organic sites!

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3 thoughts on “Working with the Fresh News Theme

  1. Thanks for this – did you install any add-ons/plug-ins with this theme to provide SEO-friendly URLs?

    (Sites looks fantastic – especially OrganicStyle.com – great work!!)


  2. Hey Rob, thanks for the Kudos. The only changes to the permalink or url structure were made via the Permalink settings in the admin panel. Now if you are looking for plugins that will help you with title tags and so on I highly recommend checking out SEO Title Tag. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, I am always happy to help.

  3. Thanks Jeremy –

    I’ll check that out – I’m still awaiting propogation on my domain so I can begin work on this…

    When I WAS able to get on (wp admin) – I received a 500 error when i tried to switch the template to the Fresh News theme… So I may need your help before this is all said and done.

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