Why should a Blogger carry a Business Card?

Brian Yerkes Owner/Creative Director of Brian Joseph Studios and author of www.brianyerkes.com is creating a gallery post entitled “Business cards of Bloggers“. I for one am a huge fan of business card design and could spend hours rummaging through the various galleries presented online so I thought that I would throw mine into the mix for a change. I am not a “professional” blogger so to speak, but with my various creative and entrepreneurial outlets I do find the time to maintain several blogs including this one on Papertree Design and I do happen to have a few business cards of my own.

The title and concept of Brians post is one that I have been putting a lot of thought into over the past few weeks. For one, I recently joined a business networking group which I believe rekindled my interest in the power of the business card. As I venture of on my own into the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship once again my need for an effective business card has increased ten fold. Secondly I have also been toying with the idea of creating a business card for my brother who I would consider a semi- professional blogger. I say “semi” not because of he lacks any type of professionalism but because he is still in the middle stages where blogging is not yet providing a full time income. He is actually a very interesting guy with some great ideas and a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the internet and development, which is why I think he might benefit from a well designed business card. Traveling often he meets some very interesting people who may benefit from his skills and what better way to quickly plant the seed then to offer up a great looking business card.

So there I hope to have added my card to the library and I give kudos to Brian for creating what could become a very visually exciting library of business card design. Excellent idea and I think that it creates a good bit of evidence as to why a blogger should carry a business card.