Some Essential Reading from the Design Notebook

Yesterday I awoke to a rather beautiful but early Sunday morning and I just couldn’t seem to get myself into ‘work’ mode. So instead I decided to pursue alternatives to cranking out code and dedicated the day to “setting work aside to pursue education, thus the topic of this particular post. “Some Essential Reading”, or the extending version of the title “Some Essential Reading on the Topic of Creating a WordPress Theme”. I decided to skip the later because I feel the following weblogs, tutorials and code excerpts do in fact apply to more than just those setting out to create a WordPress theme. (They can in fact be very useful to many of use who set out to develop a more useful and attractive internet on a daily basis.)

So from the “Design” Notebook made possible by Google Notebooks, here’s the list:

On Grid Layouts in Web Design

“Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid” on A List Apart – Excellent article on the use of grid systems in web layouts.

“Five Simple Steps to Designing Grid Systems” on

“Gridding the 960” on

“The Funniest Grid You Ever Saw” on (Khoi Vinh)

On WordPress and Deisgning For

WordPress Codex – Theme Development – The WP Codex

Tutorial – Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress” on

Sandbox Theme Readme.html on

How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch” on (Basic but a good starter)

Designing for Sandbox on The Sandbox Theme Wiki

Themeshaper on (A wealth of information on WordPress, Creating Themes and Web Design in general)

A Collection of Themes and Theme Frameworks (The short version as I have reviewed several in the past)

Thematic on

Starkers on

Artisan Theme on

Sandbox on

Thesis on


I also spent quite a bit of time with “Grid Systems” by Kimberly Elam

I am of course leaving quite a bit out when it comes to the topics covered in the sections above, however I can only cover so much material in one day so enjoy.