A Couple of Really Great Feeds Added This Week

Awhile back I published a list of some of my favorite RSS feeds, since then the list has grown to threes times the original size and perhaps I need to do an update. Until I get around to doing something like that I thought I might share new feeds worth subscribing to on a weekly basis, so without further ado, here is a list of feeds I added this week: (Note I am linking to the blog so you can decide for yourself)

http://www.austinkleon.com – This blog/site is just inspiring and so well put together I couldn’t help myself. Here is a direct link to the post that got me hooked “How to Blog”

http://velvetant.net/blog/ – Fresh and newly started but looks like it is going to be a winner – found via @imjustcreative on Twitter

http://cardobserver.com – Great new site, all the business card inspiration you could ever want in one place.

http://www.baekdal.com – Another awesome site for inspiration from architecture to automotive.

A short list, but a good list. Time to go check them out for yourself.