A Collection of 15 Useful WordPress Tutorials for 2008

One of the greatest things about the WordPress community is the willingness to share knowledge with others. There are so many great tutorials out there covering topics from designing a custom login to navigating the WordPress database.

Below I have compiled a few of the WordPress tutorials I have found to be most useful and otherwise interesting through the course of 2008, enjoy.

  1. The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs – Written by the creator of Thesis, Chris Pearson. This one is a bit older than 2008, but it is a necessary addition as so many people out there are using WordPress themes “out of the box” and still overlooking this simple mistake.
  2. Building Custom WordPress Theme – WebDesignerWall.com
  3. Create You Own WordPress Login Design – WPEngineer.com
  4. 11 Best Ways to Improve WordPress Security – Problogdesign.com
  5. How I Used a WordPress Child Theme to Redesign My Blog the Smart Way – Themeshaper.com
  6. WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide to High Rankings for Your Blog – Yoast.com
  7. Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin Nettuts.com by Jarkko Laine
  8. Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress – wefunction.com
  9. Designing For WordPress, Part 1 – A Screencast – Css-tricks.com
  10. How to use WordPress as a Truly Customized CMS – Selene M Bowlby – idesignstudios.com
  11. The Power of WordPress Custom Fields – RedSwish.co.uk
  12. How to Make a Featured Post Carousel for WordPress – Nettuts.com by James Lao
  13. Building a WordPress/Website Live Ajax Search Using jQuery – xcodetuts.com
  14. How to Create a WordPress Theme From Scratch – Nettuts.com (2 Part)
  15. Build a “Wordburner” Email Newsletter Manager Using WordPress and Feedburner – Nettuts.com

I hope that you have found some of these to be useful, happy customizing!

Update: I will also be clearing my delicious bookmarks as I have time and publishing a link to the feed for all of the posts I tag ‘wordpress tutorials’. It may be useful to some.