This theme has not been updated in over a year, download at your own risk. Good news is that we'll be working to release an update soon!

Version 0.3 Beta – Please Read

Version 0.3 will be release shortly, this is a major update to the theme and a handful of changes/improvements have been made thus I have decided to release it in beta until further testing has been completed. Three things you should know before testing/using the theme.

  • It requires WordPress 3.0 at a minimum.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of the theme please have a look at the readme file included. This is considered a testing period so you are upgrading at your own risk. Don’t be too alarmed it has been tested by a few users and they have used and or upgraded the theme with no issues.
  • I’ll say again, right now I am looking for people who run to give it a run and see if they come across any errors. Please feel free to email should you find any bugs.

Moving right along, as mentioned in a previous post there are a few new features added this time around and some that have been removed. The theme does now have support for post thumbnails. While it is deactivated by default you do have the option to turn them on via the theme options. You also have the ability to reconfigure the thumbnail size, default is 150×150. Note: You may have to run the regenerated thumbnails plugin should you decide to do this.

There are a few major differences in the theme options that you should also be aware of.

  1. The site meta keywords option is no longer available but are available on a per post basis.
  2. Analytics scripts option now only accepts Google Analytics and requires the Property ID rather than the full script. You can still insert analytics via hook for child themes or of course by editing the footer.php file.
  3. Display options – in previous versions you were able to control the display of either the_content or the_excerpt on the home page. You now have the option to also control the archives, category, search pages etc.

You will also notice that rather than basic custom field usage for meta information that you will now have a custom meta box making it much easier to understand and use. Your old post meta options should transfer as the actual custom fields the new meta boxes handle have not changed.

Once again, please read the included readme file and feel free to check out the included changelog (detailed). Ask any questions and report any bugs you encounter to

P.S There may be an HTML5 version in the works!



  1. Gracias por el tema.Very nice.Thanks!!

  2. Super THEM!
    I love WP ^_^

  3. great work!!!

  4. I was looking for a theme, clean one, and let me try this one :).

  5. I’ve tried it. Hmm…, I think it nice, but really minimal, I just not used to work with minimal navigation menu (but it can be placed manually).

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