Providing Website Consulting and Evaluation to the Waukesha Area

In my increasing effort to provide not only quality web design to Waukesha and Milwaukee area small businesses but to share my knowledge of what a well designed online presence can do for you, I have decided to provide a free website consultation. I do not claim to be the authority figure when it comes to web design and I will be the first to tell you that there are many talented web designers and design companies in the area, however I feel that I have a pretty good understand of web design, functionality and SEO. In fact, by asking for a free consultation I do not even expect that you will give me your business as an end result. What I am offering to do is take a look at your website. The design, how it ranks, content, etc. and offer suggestions on improvements you could make in order to create a stronger online presence.

If you have been considering having your site redesigned, are wondering why you don’t rank as well as you should, or just have some general concerns please feel free to fill out my contact form. Provide a link to your site, I will take a closer look and give you my best answers to your questions.