Website Strategy for Growing Companies

I often describe this company as one that “builds web solutions for growing companies”. To some that might indicate that we only work with established small businesses experiencing a period of growth. And that would be a correct literal interpretation but it’s not exactly true. I actually loveĀ startingĀ on the ground floor. There is so much... Read more »

Full Foto – A WordPress Child Theme

It’s pretty cool when you see someone create something beautiful using the “tools” you have provided. It’s even better when they ask a simple question that leads you to helping them create something with those tools that you had not previously considered. A few weeks back a talented photographer from Belarus dropped a pretty simple… Read more »

WordPress Custom Fields: Custom CSS

If you haven’t read the recent posts I am taking a bit of time off to work on personal projects and explore new opportunities. Most of the projects I am focusing on revolve around WordPress a platform I’ve been working with for quite a few years. While doing this I decided to get back to… Read more »

Charlene Update Planned

Upon entering what I have jokingly referred to as my “semi-retirement” phase (read more on my personal blog), I will be shifting focus to personal projects once again. With that I am planning an upgrade to the Charlene theme to incorporate many of the refinements and improvements I have made in the framework I build… Read more »

Obsessed With Child Themes?

Skip the background get to the question. The obsession started towards the beginning of the year, I believe? I have been working with WordPress for quite some time now, years to be somewhat exact. I started by tearing apart Kubrick, then moved on to Sandbox, somewhere in there I used Starkers quite a bit. Just… Read more »

Today Marks a New Beginning

Today this site once again went under the knife. While I don’t particularly like reinventing like this (so quickly at least), the previous design left me no choice. Having finally gotten this current version down I feel as though I can breath a bit easier. The front facing site has been redesigned and in my… Read more »

In the Final Stages

Over two months ago this site was redesigned, you are currently viewing that redesign and it is something I wasn’t overly thrilled about after I allowed it to settle in. (If you like you can read my critique here, yes I critiqued my own design and I wasn’t gentle about it.) Any way the minute… Read more »