2013 was a remarkable year for us at Papertree Design. A few things that stood out: We kicked it off by building a web application to help a multi-location company share important employee documents with their staff. We took it from concept through prototype and on to working application in less than a month. 1... Read more »

WordPress Custom Fields: Custom CSS

If you haven’t read the recent posts I am taking a bit of time off to work on personal projects and explore new opportunities. Most of the projects I am focusing on revolve around WordPress a platform I’ve been working with for quite a few years. While doing this I decided to get back to… Read more »

Charlene Update Planned

Upon entering what I have jokingly referred to as my “semi-retirement” phase (read more on my personal blog), I will be shifting focus to personal projects once again. With that I am planning an upgrade to the Charlene theme to incorporate many of the refinements and improvements I have made in the framework I build… Read more »

Obsessed With Child Themes?

Skip the background get to the question. The obsession started towards the beginning of the year, I believe? I have been working with WordPress for quite some time now, years to be somewhat exact. I started by tearing apart Kubrick, then moved on to Sandbox, somewhere in there I used Starkers quite a bit. Just… Read more »

Today Marks a New Beginning

Today this site once again went under the knife. While I don’t particularly like reinventing like this (so quickly at least), the previous design left me no choice. Having finally gotten this current version down I feel as though I can breath a bit easier. The front facing site has been redesigned and in my… Read more »

In the Final Stages

Over two months ago this site was redesigned, you are currently viewing that redesign and it is something I wasn’t overly thrilled about after I allowed it to settle in. (If you like you can read my critique here, yes I critiqued my own design and I wasn’t gentle about it.) Any way the minute… Read more »

WordPress 2.8.5 Released

For those of you that have not seen the notice in WordPress today, have not caught the news on Twitter and for some odd reason subscribe to the blog at Papertree Design over all other channels of information, this is a informational message. WordPress 2.8.5, titled a “hardening release” has been released and is recommended… Read more »