On Relaunching Presskeeper

You have a business to run and we’re guessing that it doesn’t involve coding, troubleshooting, and maintaining WordPress websites. No, it’s more likely that you need to be concentrating on things like selling your product, working with new customers, crafting press releases and forming new relationships. But wait, your website is an important part of... Read more »

Quick Report: Post Scheduling and WP 2.9.1 Beta 1

I was contacted by a few clients and saw quite a bit of discussion (outrage) in the forums over the past few days regarding WordPress 2.9 and missed scheduling of posts. I tested it myself on a local install and was met with a missed schedule as well. (There where a few other issues experienced,… Read more »

Full Foto – A WordPress Child Theme

It’s pretty cool when you see someone create something beautiful using the “tools” you have provided. It’s even better when they ask a simple question that leads you to helping them create something with those tools that you had not previously considered. A few weeks back a talented photographer from Belarus dropped a pretty simple… Read more »

WordPress Custom Fields: Custom CSS

If you haven’t read the recent posts I am taking a bit of time off to work on personal projects and explore new opportunities. Most of the projects I am focusing on revolve around WordPress a platform I’ve been working with for quite a few years. While doing this I decided to get back to… Read more »

Charlene Update Planned

Upon entering what I have jokingly referred to as my “semi-retirement” phase (read more on my personal blog), I will be shifting focus to personal projects once again. With that I am planning an upgrade to the Charlene theme to incorporate many of the refinements and improvements I have made in the framework I build… Read more »

Obsessed With Child Themes?

Skip the background get to the question. The obsession started towards the beginning of the year, I believe? I have been working with WordPress for quite some time now, years to be somewhat exact. I started by tearing apart Kubrick, then moved on to Sandbox, somewhere in there I used Starkers quite a bit. Just… Read more »

Today Marks a New Beginning

Today this site once again went under the knife. While I don’t particularly like reinventing like this (so quickly at least), the previous design left me no choice. Having finally gotten this current version down I feel as though I can breath a bit easier. The front facing site has been redesigned and in my… Read more »