On Relaunching Presskeeper

You have a business to run and we’re guessing that it doesn’t involve coding, troubleshooting, and maintaining WordPress websites. No, it’s more likely that you need to be concentrating on things like selling your product, working with new customers, crafting press releases and forming new relationships. But wait, your website is an important part of... Read more »

WordPress 3.0 – The Little Things

Maybe it’s just me but little improvements like this really excite me about the coming WordPress 3.0 release. I realize that there are a lot of exciting new features, additions and big changes being made in WordPress 3.0, but I am especially glad that the developers are paying attention to minor usability improvements like this…. Read more »

A Look At Work in Development

I have been trying very hard to work outside of my comfort zone lately by focusing on a few personal projects during any spare moments I can find. If you have been following me on jeremyjaymes.com you will have seen the recent poster project I sent off to print a week or so ago. The… Read more »

Charlene Theme Update

It’s been a long time in the making. Over the weekend I finally decided to wrap things up and release an update to the Charlene WordPress Theme with some much needed improvements. I tried to focus on two areas for this update, improvements in base typography (at least in my opinion) and additions/changes that will… Read more »

WordPress: A Basic User Handbook for My Clients

For the past several years I have worked with clients in building WordPress powered sites. Their individual knowledge varies greatly. Some understand the basics and don’t really wish to know more, some are extremely “savvy”, others are starting from scratch and need a jump start lesson in the basics of managing their site. (posting, creating… Read more »

WordPress Quick Snippet: Related By Category

Nothing new or groundbreaking here, but for the New Year I have made a commitment to start sharing more of my handy little WordPress snippets as they come up. What you have here is a rather quick and easy way to show related posts based on the category of a single post. This is based… Read more »