On Relaunching Presskeeper

You have a business to run and we’re guessing that it doesn’t involve coding, troubleshooting, and maintaining WordPress websites. No, it’s more likely that you need to be concentrating on things like selling your product, working with new customers, crafting press releases and forming new relationships. But wait, your website is an important part of... Read more »

Using WordPress 3.1 Post Formats

A few weeks back I was struggling with the thought of moving jeremyjaymes.com back to WordPress from Tumblr. While I love the Tumblr platform, I wasn’t quite sure if it was the best solution for what I’d like to do with the site moving forward. With the release of 3.1 looming I realized that I… Read more »

Full Foto Theme Released

It took a lot longer than I expected but it was worth the wait. Yesterday evening, along with launching a new venture called Papertree Labs, I released Full Foto a portfolio theme for WordPress. Neat, What is Full Foto? Full Foto is a WordPress theme originally built with the idea that it would be used… Read more »

Full Foto Theme Sneak Peek

A sneak peak at the soon to be released Full Foto WordPress theme. A simple, easy to use theme, built with your portfolio in mind.

Charlene Theme Version 0.3 – Full Foto Update

Just dropped a new version of the Charlene Theme with one minor fix for threaded comments found in the previous beta version, grab a copy. Also in regards to Full Foto please read this: → Full Foto is now available at Papertree Labs The new version of Full-Foto is near release ready, I am looking… Read more »

Charlene and Thumbnail Support

Well it has been delayed as I am sure anyone who has come to the site looking for the Charlene Theme has figured out. I took down the download link around 2 weeks ago hoping to push out the update rather quickly but… Let’s just say a large site, a few weeks and the inner… Read more »

On WordPress 3.0, Charlene and the Release of Full Foto

The delay in release of WordPress 3.0 was providing me some extra and you’d think it would have been enough but… it’s finally here, ah well. Congrats to the WordPress team and everyone who has been working hard to contribute to this version. I know I have been working with it testing, playing and breaking… Read more »