On Relaunching Presskeeper

You have a business to run and we’re guessing that it doesn’t involve coding, troubleshooting, and maintaining WordPress websites. No, it’s more likely that you need to be concentrating on things like selling your product, working with new customers, crafting press releases and forming new relationships. But wait, your website is an important part of... Read more »

Website Strategy for Growing Companies

I often describe this company as one that “builds web solutions for growing companies”. To some that might indicate that we only work with established small businesses experiencing a period of growth. And that would be a correct literal interpretation but it’s not exactly true. I actually loveĀ startingĀ on the ground floor. There is so much… Read more »


2013 was a remarkable year for us at Papertree Design. A few things that stood out: We kicked it off by building a web application to help a multi-location company share important employee documents with their staff. We took it from concept through prototype and on to working application in less than a month. 1… Read more »

Writing Safe Code

A few tips by VIP Developer Daniel Bachhuber on writing safer code the WordPress way. A great intro, I’d definitely like to see more written on this topic. Key Differences Between Validation and Sanitization

The Guardian iPad App

An interesting visual look at the design process that went into the new Guardian iPad app. The Guardian iPad edition: ‘Put the newspaper on the iPad’

Category Link via Custom Field

The following function was written to get a category link based on a custom field entry for the page. To (hopefully) help you to understand how the function is being used I will give you a little background on the set up. The project required sub-section pages for particular “business areas” so for example: Management… Read more »

FullFoto Version 1.1 Released

We’ve released version 1.1 of the FullFoto theme for WordPress, head on over to Papertree Labs to check out the details or run through the demo to see what Full Foto has in store. There are quite a few improvements and a handful of new features in this update, we’re looking forward to feedback on… Read more »